01. Consulting

Digital Transformation

Working with brands, social-impact organizations, and political groups to embrace modern communications, data, and analytics.

02. Writing

Imagine a Generative America
A set of core principles that could define the next century of American life.

A Modern Party
A new set of ideas and a plan to rethink the whole idea of what a political party should be and modernize the Democratic Party.

03. Speaking

Leading conversations from TEDx to SXSW on topics from digital transformation to Presidential politics to reclaiming our democracy.

News & Interviews

Big Think: Cynicism Is Killing Our Democracy

The Atlantic: When the Nerds Go Marching In
Slaby, with typical pragmatism, put it like this. ‘Our supporters don’t give a shit about our org chart. They just want to have a meaningful experience. We promise them they can play a meaningful role in politics and they don’t care about the departments in the campaign. So we have to do the work on our side to look integrated and have our shit together,’ he said. ‘That took some time. You have to develop new trust with people. It’s just change management. It’s not complicated; it’s just hard.

Rolling Stone: The Obama Campaign’s Real Heroes

ArsTechnica: Built To Win: Deep Inside Obama’s Campaign Tech

Latest Video

TEDxChicago: All Politics Is Personal


Curious, committed, obsessed with saving the world.

I love building things: new systems, teams, companies, products, movements.  I believe values drive mission drives strategy drives tactics.  I believe outcomes matter more than process but that culture and process are destiny for most organizations.

Expertise: Analytics, Innovation, Narrative, Organizing, Product, Reorganizing, Social change/impact, Storytelling, Team building, Technology, TRANSFORMATION

Voice: Challenging, Empathetic, Idealistic, Inspiring, OPTIMISTIC, Thoughtful

Story: Builder, Campaigner, LEADER, Jackofalltrades, Poet, Seeker