Transformation is opportunity.
Shift perspective: work differently. 


Leadership when there is no neutral

Polarization is everywhere in culture -- not just in politics. Respond to the call and opportunity for business leaders to lead beyond their business function. The role of media systems in demanding new leadership habits. How to shift public engagement in civic and cultural life from reactive risk mitigation to proactive strategic leadership.


How community heals polarization 

Understand the relationship between empathy, safety, and curiosity -- and how our public spaces are designed to undermine our best instincts. Re-discovering curiosity over judgment. How we design better habits and spaces for ourselves and our teams. Healing requires inclusion. Inclusion requires celebrating, not just tolerating difference.


Storytelling is power

Narratives link people together, and the nature of those stories drives the nature of those communities. How all communication is a form of community organizing and how the shifting landscape of media systems changes the nature of our interdependence and our commitments to each other.


Structuring for impact

The structures we create for people become behaviors, become habits, become outcomes -- become culture. People + culture = destiny. How to use a new framework to reshape and clarify your Theory of Change and remake your organization in a way that makes impact inevitable.

Workshops are 80 minutes and can be in-person, virtual, or hybrid on the organization's platform of choice (Zoom, Hangouts, Teams, WebEx, etc.). The organization is free to record and rebroadcast for internal use. There is no limit on the number of attendees.

Pricing is simple. $10,000 for any one workshop, $16,000 for any two workshops, and $20,000 for any three workshops.



Systems are codified culture

We hear this often expressed as "show me your budget, and I'll show you what you care about." But all our processes, policies, strategies reflect what we believe about people, about impact, and about the world. Surface your assumptions as a mechanism to ensure you and how you work are aligned with who and how you want to be.


People-first organizations 

Organizations that center their people in real and genuine ways are more resilient, more productive, more innovative, more profitable, more impactful. From org and team deisgn to recuirting to working agreements. How to shift our industrial habits of control, fear, and standardization toward cooperation, trust, and individuality.


Joy is necessary

What are the enablers of freedom and creativity? What kinds of safety and support are necessary to allow us the capacity for curiosity? How do we design spaces, places, teams, communities for the things we need to innovate?


Transformation is for you

Equilibrium is not static. How to maintain calm and resilience in the face of constant change.  How to see change as opportunity.  How to design systems, policies, strategies that expect the renewal of new and better ideas.

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