What if the transformation all around us was for us?

Our world is changing. We feel the changes everyday: the unsettling shifting foundations of modern life from labor automation to  exponential technologies to ossified social and economic inequality to fragmenting community attachment to hyperpolarized politics to dysfunctional governance systems seemingly designed not to serve people.

Imagine that these changes are for us rather than against us...
Believe that they are meant to expand our lives not limit them...
What if instead of anxiety, what we felt was anticipation

How would we live differently, organize differently, lead differently?

Are you...

...trying to understand how we got here and where we're going?
...leading an organization or a team that wants to redefine itself?
...wrestling with transformations in media and culture?
...interested in the future of democracy and civic life in America?
...looking to talk about digital transformation, media and civic life, the future of humanity?
...hosting a gathering, shindig, or hootenanny and hoping to bring a new conversation to your community?


7 Bridges
Weekly-ish perspectives on the ongoing work of reclaiming our civic life and rebuilding our democracy.

Imagine a Generative America
A set of core principles that could define the next century of American life.

A Modern Party
A new set of ideas and a plan to rethink the whole idea of what a political party should be and to modernize the Democratic Party.

For ALL the People
An exploration of how modern media systems have disrupted our civic life -- and what we can do to reclaim it.


Conversations designed to reshape and reorient how you and your team think and feel about the paths behind you and the future in front of you -- and to give you immediate, actionable frameworks.

High impact delivered quickly via tailored experiences that often combine multiple sessions.

1: Leadership when there is no neutral

2: How community heals polarization

3: Storytelling is power

4: Structuring for Impact 

5: Systems are codified culture

6: People-first organization building

7: Joy is necessary

8: Transformation is for you


Leading conversations from TEDx to SXSW on topics from
digital transformation to Presidential politics to reclaiming our democracy.digital transformation to Presidential politics to reclaiming our democracy.


Working with brands, social-impact organizations, and political groups on the transformation necessary to embrace modern communications, data, and analytics. Taking inspiration from the Workshops to the next level as plans and implementation.


For ALL the People

The creators of the internet promised us jetpacks: better experiences, more choices, and deeper relationships. But instead of jetpacks, we were given cat videos—and lots and lots of ads. Our platforms don’t work for us—we’re the inventory, and our outrage has fueled a tech revolution optimized for profit at the expense of our civic life.

In For ALL the People, I walk readers through the evolution of modern storytelling from the traditional media gatekeepers of the past to today’s era of decentralization, disconnection, and disinformation. Then explore the four dimensions of our media systems that must be reclaimed to work better for all of us: platforms, content, institutions, and ourselves.

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