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For ALL the People

The creators of the internet promised us jetpacks: better experiences, more choices, and deeper relationships. But instead of jetpacks, we were given cat videos—and lots and lots of ads. Our platforms don’t work for us—we’re the inventory, and our outrage has fueled a tech revolution optimized for profit at the expense of our civic life. 

In For ALL the People, I walk readers through the evolution of modern storytelling from the traditional media gatekeepers of the past to today’s era of decentralization, disconnection, and disinformation. Then explore the four dimensions of our media systems that must be reclaimed to work better for all of us: platforms, content, institutions, and ourselves.

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Working with brands, social-impact organizations, and political groups on the transformation necessary to embrace modern communications, data, and analytics.


Imagine a Generative America
A set of core principles that could define the next century of American life.

A Modern Party
A new set of ideas and a plan to rethink the whole idea of what a political party should be and modernize the Democratic Party


Leading conversations from TEDx to SXSW on topics from digital transformation to Presidential politics to reclaiming our democracy.

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