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In the World

Fireside Chat 60 min watch
Oblong Online w/ Beth Comstock

In conversation with Beth Comstock about media, brands, and civic life hosted but my hometown bookstore in Rhinebeck.  

Fireside Chat 60 min watch
Politics & Prose Live w/ Sophia Bush

In conversation with Sophia Bush about civic life, activism, and how we move the country forward hosted but my favorite DC bookstore.  

Podcast 50 min listen
Honestly Speaking #51

How the media and technology conversation connects to the even larger challenges facing America and humanity.  

Interview 6 min read
Optimizing for Outrage

An interview with David Smith from The Guardian spanning media, tech, consirpacy, and repairing civic discourse..  

Podcast 40 min listen
Art of the Possible S1E3

The state of media, how the pandemic is making us more susceptible to conspiracy theories, and what is possible as we try to come together.  

Livestream 35 min watch
With Charlene Li Live

An interview with Charlene Li on How to Fix Our Civic Life: An Interview with Michael Slaby, author of "For All The People"

TED Talk 11 min watch
All Politics is Personal

At TEDxChicago in December 2017 about how we heal our civic life throuugh a deep commitment to reclaiming citizenship.

Interview 7 min watch
BigThink Interview July 2017

Is our economy outdated? Entrepreneurship, Universal Basic Income, the 30-Hour Workweek, and the Economics of Poverty

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